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A country that has been high on my bucket list for years. It has always felt a little mysterious, due to it being slightly tricky to enter and thus not a common travel destination for many people. It is however the largest country in Africa, so I have had great expectations before going. And it didn't disappoint!
My Algeria trip started in the amazing capital city of Algiers. There is a really cool European and Middle Eastern feel to it, due to its history of colonisation, its geographical location and culture. This certainly makes it great for photography!
After Algiers I joined a 5-day tour to the southern part of the country, deep within the Sahara desert, together with around 10 others. This was hosted by Jørn Bjørn Augestad (or "Vagabjørn"), together with the local tour company Ihaket Travels. When visiting Algeria on a tour like this you are exempt from getting a visa before departing, making it a lot easier to enter the country! And it's an amazing part of the world worth exploring.
The first thing that strikes you is the size of the desert! You drive for hours and you have hardly moves when you look at the map! And even though it's easy to think that the Sahara is just filled with sand, the landscapes are varied and beautiful, with amazing rock formations, huge sand dunes, vegetation and canyons.

Enjoy my full album from a week in Algeria below:
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